Harper announces Children’s Arts Tax Credit

VICTORIA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative Government would introduce a new $500 Children’s Arts Tax Credit in its budget to help parents provide arts and cultural opportunities to their children.
“For many Canadian children, involvement in the arts is a big part of growing up,” said Mr. Harper. “Arts and cultural activities are important for Canada, so we want to help make it possible for children to experience them from a young age.”
In recognition that the costs of these activities can be a burden on household budgets, the new Children’s Arts Tax Credit will help parents with the costs associated with children’s artistic, cultural, recreational and developmental activities, including registration fees and lessons.

This initiative will build on the Stephen Harper Government’s low-tax plan for families and strong support for culture and the arts. Prime Minister Harper’s Government recognizes that arts and cultural activities enrich our lives immeasurably, as individuals, as communities and as a country. They express Canadian diversity and strengthen Canadian identity.
“Our goal is to allow Canadian parents to keep more of their hard-earned money in order to provide a wider range of educational experiences for their children,” said Mr. Harper. “Strong families help to build a strong Canada, now and in the future.”

Mr. Harper also noted that the new Children’s Arts Tax Credit was included in the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. The Ignatieff-led Coalition chose to reject that plan and opportunistically force an unnecessary election rather than working for the benefit of Canadian families.