Vote Conservative, Vote Harry TSAI!

Minister Jason Kenney attended Harry Tsai’s Campaign rally on April 29, 2011 with supporters from local conservative members, italian, Siri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Korean community leaders. Minister Kenney said “We have to encourage everyone to vote the Conservative Party, vote Harry Tsai! We need to make Scarborough-Agincourt blue on the map.”

Harry Tsai said “It’s time for a change! I believe in the the values of the Conservative Party: Serving the people, fight for our principals, care about family, and build a strong economy. Our riding needs someone who cares and who is willing to work and represent us in Ottawa. Mr. Karygiannis has the worst attendance record in Ottawa for many years and he is voted as the laziest MP many times. Scarborough-Agincourt deserves someone better, not someone who is sitting at home and waiting for his pension! It’s time for a change and it starts on May 2, 2011!!”

Minister Kenney said “Conservative Party recognizes the importance of family, tradition, tough on crime, etc. The Harper government has lead Canadians to come out from the financial crisis, focus on job opportunities, lower mortgage rate, cut taxes, etc., if we cannot reach majority, we may be facing a 5th election in 7 years or facing a coalition government led by Mr. Layton which would leads to a bigger disaster!”

Minister Kenney urge all supporters to use this weekend to encourage your neighbours, friends in church, or anyone you meet to support our core values and vote Harry Tsai.