Photo Albums
All Candidate Debate (2011-04-27) Scarborough-Agincourt Local Debate (2011-04-26) Live Debate Hosted By Dale Goldhawk (2011-04-20)
Meet the Candidates at Sheppard Village (2011-04-18) Rally Event for Harry at FESCC (2011-04-15) Ontario Chinese Campaign Gala (2011-04-14)
Ontario Chinese For Conservative Party Campaign Gala
Celebrate the Birth of Vaisakhi (2011-04-14) Press Conference with Minister Jason Kenney (2011-04-14) Campaign Office Grand Opening (2011-04-09)
Fundraising with Businesses from Mississauga (2011-03-31) CTV Interview at Bridlewood Mall (2011-03-31) Prime Minister Rally in Brampton (2011-03-27)

Video Gallery